Small Programming PLC (Reg.Nr=14626631)

Small Programming PLC

Automating using of Microsoft Office,
Mobile and Web Solutions,
Teaching & Consultation of Programming

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Some of the works done and working today:

  • Train Traffic Management System of Elron Ltd
    contact: Toomas Sikk, IT-manager of Elron Ltd
    (, +3725111255)

  • Automatic Passenger Counting System of Tallinn public transport
    contact: Raul Rannaveer, Chief Specialist of Tallinn Transport Office
    ( +3726404121)

  • Warehouse Management System of YE International Ltd
    contact: Vallo Järvis, Warehouse manager
    (, +37256681055)

  • Various applications for Windows Mobile and Android
    contact: Alar Aitsam, Director of RTT Ltd
    (, +3725018209)

  • Development of the Java Web Application (Java EE 7 Web)
    contact: Aare Ignatov, Oy Protelum Ltd Managing Director and Product Developer
    (, +358405189190)

  • Teaching of programming
    lecturer: Alo Linntam, author of some books on programming
    (, +3725162002)

Habitual programming languages, environments and target platforms:

  • Languages: Java, C++, C#, PHP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL

  • Environments:
    • Eclipse (Oxygen)
    • Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017
    • Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, ...)

  • Target platforms:
    • Windows
    • Windows Mobile
    • UWP (=Universal Windows Platform)
    • Palm OS
    • Android
    • iOS

Database systems most used: MySQL (MariaDB), SQL Server, Microsoft Access

Java server: GlassFish


Small Programming PLC

With a doubleclick, the butterfly can be attracted to this blossom to leave it hovering only there.

In general, a doubleclick:

  • leaves the butterfly in place,
  • lets loose, if it has been left in place already.

So as a cabbageworm grows wings and becomes a butterfly to save its valuable time, so can an enterprise automate its everyday work by means of computer programming!